Do you have what it takes to become a Kryptomon Trainer? 

So you want to become a Kryptomon trainer, huh? That's great! We love ambitious minds... Before you begin though, let's cover these basics:

  1. What does a Kryptomon expect from you?
  2. The basics to start your journey  
  3. Find and buy your first Kryptomon
  4. Start playing, training and fighting
  5. All your questions answered

Trainer, get ready!

Kryptomons are unique living creatures that needs your love & attention every day. That seems a lot, but they will repay you tenfold if you do well! 


Feed them, keep them happy and healthy. Share your love for your digital pet and make it evolve.


Train hard and level up your Kryptomon. The stronger it gets, the bigger foe it can handle. 

Battle and Fight

Fight against other trainers and become the first Kryptomon World Champion.

(release: soon)


Kryptomons are living creatures that, after evolving to Juniors, can breed. Expand your team or sell on the marketplace.

Earn $KMON

At this moment, there are several ways to earn $KMON coins:
- Completing quest

- Breed Kryptomons

- More to follow! (lands, battle, tournaments) 

Ready to start your journey?

1. Download a BSC wallet

Use Metamask or a similar wallet and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain

2. Stack up some $KMON

Charge your wallet with some $KMON to buy your first Kryptomon and spoil, train and feed.

  1. Buy on or swap on Pancakeswap
  2. Buy with your credit card 

3. Buy your first Kryptomon on the Marketplace

What kind of Kryptomon Trainer are you? A Tough Trainer? A Skilled Fighter? Choose your style and buy your first Kryptomon NFT on the Kryptomon marketplace.

4. Start training and playing

Already got a Kryptomon? Start playing and become our next Kryptomon Champion! If not, see below.

Find your first Kryptomon
by category

Strong all-rounders

Strong fighter, good defense and high elemental power. Become a champion trainer

On a budget

All Kryptomons have a fighting chance, but sometimes you want a low entry.

Rare Collectables

Go for limited editions when you choose long time value. 

Or by element type..



Cleanse your allies or demolished them when you harness the power of the sea.



Burn your opponent with your blazing spirit.



Nature can be both beautiful and deadly, use your surrounding to your advantage.



Freeze your opponent with hard-hitting crowd control.



Dark and unpredictable element, for those who want a challenge.



Quick and precise attacks that will shock your opponent.



A breeze of fresh air or a destructive tornado, you'll certainly feel it in one way or another.



Unbreakable defense is the best offense.

Questions? We got you covered!

What makes the Kryptomon so.. alive?

Each Kryptomon has different stages. Egg, Baby, Junior, Adult and... who know. Each stage come with it's own characteristics. For example. An egg needs to be hatched first. From Juniors, the Kryptomon can breed..

What's the deal with those elements

All Kryptomons have different elemental genes and talents. This makes up your 1st and 2nd elemental family which affects your spells later in the game with battling. Each element will have it's own strength and weakness. 

Do I need the best Kryptomon to have fun or earn coins?

No. Each Kryptomon has a fighting chance in battle. It's not all about good stats but also training, strategy and luck. The game will try to balance all out so everyone can have fun (and earn.) 

What does it cost to play the game?

The cheapest Kryptomon on the market varies from 40 to 80 dollar. When you don't want to buy you can always try your luck in the monthly treasure hunt or stake your kmons for lottery tickets. That said, with current earnings, you will have your investment back in around a month and half. 

Connect with other trainers from over 50+ countries

Prepare for the Kryptoverse